Boston Band Cranial Remolding Helmet Orthosis

Learn more about how to use your helmet orthosis.

How to Put on Your Cranial Remolding Helmet Orthosis

  • Place hands on either side of opening and pull open.
  • Try to place earhole opposite to the opening over ear and align the forehead with the front of helmet. The eyebrows will be covered.
  • The helmet should fit snug without causing pain.
  • Both ears should be exposed, with the helmet close behind the ears.
  • The occipital role should be placed at the base of the child’s head. This will stop any spinning that can occur in the helmet.
  • Make sure the helmet looks even from the front. Both sideburns should be roughly in the same spot.
  • Don’t be afraid to take helmet off and put it on again if something looks wrong.

Wearing Schedule

It’s very important to follow the wearing schedule below. This will allow your child to ease in to wearing the helmet. The helmet will eventually be worn for 23 hours and should only be removed for one hour at bath time.

DayHelmet OnHelmet OffNapNight
145 mins30 minsNoNo
21.5 hours30 minsYesNo
33 hours30 minsYesYes
46 hours30 minsYesYes
523 hours30 minsYesYes


Orthotic Device Cleaning and Maintenance

The best way to clean the helmet is to spray 70% rubbing alcohol on the inside and out of helmet and wipe down with a dry cloth. This will remove any body oils and residue. Make sure helmet and child’s head are dry before reapplying helmet.

Child’s head should be washed daily to decrease the amount of build-up that occurs in the helmet.

If the Velcro is not sticking well on the helmet, check for lint build-up on the Velcro and remove it.

Important Information

Take the following precautions with your helmet:

  • Helmet should not be worn during bath or pool time. If helmet gets wet, use a dry washcloth to dry. Make sure helmet is completely dry before placing back on child’s head.
  • If child has been given stretching exercises, remove helmet and complete the exercises then put helmet back on. These should be done during the one hour the helmet is off.
  • Helmet wearing should be paused if child has a cold or a fever, or if directed by physician. Once cold or fever has cleared, resume wearing the helmet to normal schedule.
  • Check your child’s skin each time helmet is removed. There may be some slight redness on face or neck, but if redness does not disappear within 30 minutes, keep helmet off until redness clears. If this redness occurs again and does not go away within 30 minutes, discontinue the use of the helmet. If skin breakdown occurs, please contact your Ability orthotist to schedule an appointment for an adjustment.
  • During the first few days of wearing the helmet, excessive sweating is normal. If this occurs, remove helmet, wipe it out and wipe off your child’s head. Cradle cap may occur as well.
  • Please call your Ability office if you have ANY concerns.