Ankle Gauntlet Instructions

Learn more about how to use your Ankle Gauntlet.

How to Put on Your Ankle Gauntlet

  • Apply a long sock on the foot needing the brace.
  • Loosen the laces or Velcro closures on the brace.
  • Slide foot into the orthosis as if you were putting on a pair of boots.
  • Make sure heel is all the way back and foot is fully seated in the brace.
  • Begin at the foot, secure the laces/Velcro straps followed by the laces/Velcro straps on the shin. Make sure to pull all the laces/Velcro straps snug.
  • Loosen the laces/Velcro on the shoe to allow for the brace to slide easily into the shoe.
  • A shoehorn can be used to ease in this process as well as prevent a breakdown of the back of the shoe.
  • Once the brace is in the shoe, securely fasten the laces/Velcro.

Wearing Schedule

Just like a new pair of shoes, an Ankle Gauntlet has a breaking-in period. Use the following guidelines to allow the body to adapt to the brace gradually.

  • Day 1: Only use brace for one hour.
  • Day 2: Use brace for two hours.
  • Day 3: Use brace for four hours.
  • Day 4: Use brace for eight hours.

Remember that shoes are an integral part to any Ankle Gauntlet brace. The shoe becomes an extension of the Ankle Gauntlet and provides proper support for the brace.

Orthotic Device Cleaning and Maintenance

The best way to clean an Ankle Gauntlet is to wipe it with a damp cloth. Shoe fresheners can be used to remove odors from the brace.

Also, if the Velcro is not sticking well on the brace, check for lint build-up on the Velcro and remove it.

Important Information

Take the following precautions with your Ankle Gauntlet:

  • Never wear brace without shoes.
  • Do not overuse the brace during the initial wearing phase. This can cause skin irritation.
  • Be aware that volume changes in the body can affect how the Ankle Gauntlet will fit.
  • Do NOT ever sleep in the Ankle Gauntlet.
  • Be aware that changing shoe styles can affect your standing/walking balance. This may cause you to fall unexpectedly.