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A user accesses the Ottobock app to configure their C-Brace


Have questions before your Ability appointment? We have answers to our most frequently asked questions here. But if you still have any lingering concerns, please contact us. We’ll get you the support you need.

Yes. One of our clinicians will perform an evaluation to discuss your needs, obtain measurements (molds), and discuss device options.

Most devices will be ordered or fabricated. However, we carry a small selection of off-the-shelf splints and braces in our office, so you may be able to leave with your device that day. We commonly carry post-surgical shoes, Air Walker Fracture Boots, and some back, wrist, and knee braces.

You don’t need a referral to come in for the initial consult or evaluation. If a referral is needed, we will ask you to get one after your initial appointment and before device delivery.

We recommend making an appointment with your physician to discuss your concerns and obtain a prescription for the device you are seeking. This is the best way to ensure your device will be approved by your insurance quickly and accurately.

We usually allow an hour for new patients, giving us time to perform an evaluation that includes measurements, casting/molding, and a discussion on potential options and designs.

You should bring your insurance card(s), a photo ID, and any relevant prescriptions to your appointment. When you arrive, you will also need to fill out a patient welcome form in the office.

No, there is no co-pay associated with your appointment.

Yes. Every device Ability provides must be ordered by a physician. A paper prescription signed by your physician is required. We can see you for a consultation without a prescription, but we cannot proceed in providing a device until the prescription is received.

To help make mobility as accessible as possible, we accept most major health insurances. To check your eligibility, visit our insurance page or contact us directly.

Eligibility of coverage is fully determined once you’re seen by a practitioner and devices are selected and coded by the insurance company.

You’ll be called within 24-48 hours of your appointment with an answer regarding coverage. And, you’ll always have the option to approve or deny any cost before fabricating/ordering a device. Financial responsibility depends on any co-insurance or unmet deductible you might have. Keep in mind, some devices are not covered by insurance at all.

Many insurance companies require a pre-authorization for prosthetic and orthotic devices. We take care of getting this approval, but the process can take 1-4 weeks and not every device is approved. You may be asked to assist Ability in getting necessary documentation from your physician to help facilitate this process. Devices are not fabricated or ordered until the insurance approval is received.


Once the insurance coverage is verified and approved, most prefabricated items are available within a few business days. Most custom-fabricated devices can take between 2-4 weeks to become available.