Jason Kunec, CP, BOCO

Regional Manager

Frederick, MD & Hagerstown, MD

Jason Kunec, CP, BOCO is an American Board for Certification (ABC) certified prosthetist and a Board of Certification (BOC) certified orthotist. He is also the Regional Manager of Ability Ottobock.care’s patient care facilities in Hagerstown, Frederick, and Rockville, MD.

Jason was an engineering major looking to transfer to the healthcare field when a family friend suggested prosthetics to him. Jason loved the idea of combining his engineering background with a rewarding health care profession. Jason finished his Bachelor of Science in biology from King’s College while working as a prosthetic technician for an independently owned company in his hometown in northeast Pennsylvania. This allowed him exposure to the O&P world while developing his hand skills before continuing his education at the Newington Certificate Program in Prosthetics and Orthotics affiliated with the University of Connecticut. During his prosthetic residency Jason had the opportunity to work with a mentor who was the upper extremity prosthetic specialist for the state of Connecticut and received incredible exposure to advanced myoelectric prostheses along with advanced lower extremity designs including microprocessor knees, digital scanning, and CAD/CAM design.

After graduating Jason began his career as a practitioner in central Pennsylvania, specializing in upper extremity prosthetics and advanced lower extremity prosthetics. A brief return home to northeast Pennsylvania was followed by nearly a decade as the Prosthetics Clinical Supervisor at the Washington, DC VA Medical Center. It was during this time that Jason was able to serve veterans and work in conjunction with his colleagues at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to provide care for soldiers returning home as well as veterans dealing with limb loss that was not service related. This also allowed him to work with some of the most advanced componentry and be on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments in the field. As part of his role with the VA Jason also acted as the subject matter expert for amputee clinics in Martinsburg, WV, Baltimore and Perry Point, MD in addition to his duties in our nation’s capital.

While he enjoyed his time serving our nation’s veterans, Jason desired to return closer to home to spend more time with his family. This is what brought Jason back to the Maryland/Pennsylvania area and the Ability Ottobock.care family. Jason looks forward to bringing the knowledge and skills he has accumulated through his years serving our nation’s veterans to his patients in our Maryland offices.

Accomplishments & Qualifications

  • ABC Certified Prosthetist
  • BOC Certified Orthotist
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from King’s College
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics Certification from the Newington Program
  • Certified in major advanced device technologies including C-Leg, X3 knee, Rheo knee, Allux knee, Bebionic, iLimb, Empower Microprocessor Foot, and WalkAide
Professional headshot of Jason Kunec, CP